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MAKOTO Wagyu Tasting Hof Molsberg — 2017-01-20

Over the end of year festivities, we invited some of our closest friends to an exclusive MAKOTO wagyu tasting to sample a broad range of Tajima 8+, 28 days dry-aged. The tasting was held at MAKOTO's european HQ, Hof Molsberg. Rib-eye, sirloin, filet, tri-tip, and brisket were on the menu. Seasonings were limited to sea salt, pepper, and sugar. Oh, and some cheeky shavings of black Perigord truffle, to boost the experience to the next level. There's nothing quite like the face of someone who has never tasted wagyu before. Big thanks to all Hof crew, team Suhle, and of course to our photographer Benjamin Eagle, who captured the beauty of the moment.

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