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MAKOTO in Japanese translates as “truth,” “trust in quality,“ or “sincerity”. Essential to Japanese culture since the Edo Samurai period, the ethos of MAKOTO goes beyond literal translation. Our interpretation of the concept revolves around reverence for animal welfare, ethical farming practices, and local sourcing as the cornerstones of providing the most delicious and highest quality beef experience that nature has to offer.

We are not afraid to put forward our ideal that in modern industrialised society, we would all be better off eating a little less meat, but insisting on a higher quality when we do. 

MAKOTO does not cut corners. We pride ourselves in combining respect for tradition with a forward-thinking, progressive outlook on breeding, dry-ageing and supply. We believe this is THE WAY BEEF SHOULD BE.

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The Three Pillars of MAKOTO

01. Pursuit of Perfection:

At MAKOTO, we believe in sensual pleasure. The striving for aesthetic perfection has been at the core of artistic and gastronomic progress throughout human history. Wagyu beef is one of the rare treasures of our planet, a testament to the achievements that are possible in the communion between man and nature, and we take great joy in delivering our product to those who, like us, are on a quest to experience the essence of umami.

02. Sustainability:

Convenience, globalisation and industrialised food production over the past century have come at a heavy price. MAKOTO strives to play a part in the reversal of this trend and a return to the natural cycle of life. We value the welfare of our animals and the harmonious balance of the natural environment in which they are raised above all else, and are committed to ethical farming practices, limited carbon footprint, and local farm-to-plate consumption. Our premium wagyu beef is ethical, local, and sustainably sourced.

03. Tradition x Progress:

We believe that progress can only come from a respect for tradition. We lay great emphasis on aligning ourselves with the meticulous conscientious craft of wagyu breeding in Japan, while keeping an open-mind to innovations in technology and communications. The aim of MAKOTO is always to provide the highest quality product at its optimal level of flavour development. Our respect for tradition coupled with a forward-thinking outlook is at the heart of our operation at every step of the way - from farm infrastructure to breeding practices on our own farms as well as those of our regional partners, and from our own unique artisanal dry-ageing process to exciting innovations in culinary craft.


From our point of view, the 3 pillars above all align rather than struggle against each other. To put it simply, happy animals with a stress-free life produce the most delicious meat. Sourcing locally is not only good for the planet, but also guarantees that none of the sophisticated flavour compounds developed throughout the breeding and dry-ageing process are compromised. Respect for tradition is respect for both flavour and sustainability, and meaningful progress can only occur on the basis of reverence for centuries of master craftsmanship.



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