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Restaurant visits compromised? Locked down? We deliver the finest regional Wagyu beef directly to your home.

You can still experience the height of culinary delight despite the current measures – through Makoto‘s Umami box relief packages. Just a few clicks and we‘ll deliver everything you need for an evening at home centered around delicious Wagyu beef. ethical, local, and sustainably sourced.

MAKOTO is a small, local start-up that is piloting this project locally in the Rhein-Main Area.

Especially in times as these, our regional partnerships with J.B. Becker (for wine) and the Wiesbadener Braumanufaktur (for our craft-beer offer) are extremely important to us. In case of further interest we will expand deliveries to further afield. We‘ll keep you posted!


Umami Box 1
Steak Set

  • 1x Premium Wagyu Sirloin
    (500g, Marbling grade 7+)
  • 1x Premium Wagyu Flank or Flat Iron Steak
    (900g, Marbling grade 7+)
  • 1 x Yakiniku sauce (150ml)

Umami Box 2
Deluxe Set

  • 1x Premium Wagyu Ribeye
    (1kg, marbling grade 7+)
  • 2x Premium Wagyu Tenderloin Steak
    (250g each, marbling grade 7+)
  • 1 x J.B. Becker Pinot Noir Kabinett Trocken
    (Red wine, 750ml)
  • 1 x J.B. Becker Wallufer Walkenberg Riesling Kabinett Trocken (White wine, 750ml)*
  • 1 x small bowl of Yakiniku Sauce (150ml)
*The elegance and acidity of Riesling pairs surprisingly well with the unctuous umami-rich flavor profile of Wagyu beef
Burger Set

Umami Box 3
Burger Set

  • 10 x Wagyu Patties 150g each
    (frozen product)
  • 10 x Truffle-Poppyseed Burger Buns
    (frozen product)
  • 6-pack regional Craft Beer
    (Wiesbadener Pale Ale)
  • 1 x bowl pre-made Wasabi-Mayo
    (150ml with Togarashi-Chili spice)
  • 2 x Kettle Chips 150g
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Restaurant / Wholesale Customers

Traditional Steak Cuts [pre-cut servings of minimum 3kg]


Alternative Cuts [varying quantities on demand]

Mince / Trimmings

Specialist Cuts

Beyond these popular cuts, we can also provide any and all more obscure steak and alternative cuts to meet your culinary needs and wishes, and will be happy to consult. Cuts include - Topside Round, Silverside Round, Rump, Flat Iron, Flank, Short Plate, Skirt

Wagyu Cuts


Shock-frosted Storage

Temperature-controlled delivery, shock-frozen to preserve optimum quality

Wagyu Cuts

Chuck Oxtail Brisket Cheeks Tri-tip Sirloin Filet Rib-eye

Makoto Genetics

We offer a wide range of possibilities for established and aspiring breeders, from veal calves to embryos. Our genetics are strictly of the highest quality available worldwide, with particular emphasis on the Tajima line. All genetics come with pedigree certificates and sire lines of at least 3 generations.

Our sire lines include:

Yasufuku, Jr.

[Please contact us for details as to current availabilities.]

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Grass-fed local wagyu


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